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Grimm: An Untold Tale
Grimm: An Untold Tale

"No-one is too old for stories. How could we be? Stories are in our blood. All of us."

In the midst of the Napoleonic wars, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm wanted to ensure that German culture outlasted the French occupation. The brothers enlisted the help of the best story-tellers they knew; Dortchen the “Wilde Girl”, Dorothea with the razor sharp tongue and Marie the girl locked up in her tower, and began collecting fairy tales.

Weaving together tales of girls in red capes, breadcrumb trails, witches and wolves; Fiercely Spun use puppetry, live music and movement to tell the untold tale of these forgotten female voices.

Fiercely Spun’s performance of Grimm: An Untold Tale is currently being developed at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. The show is supported by The University of East Anglia, Santander and Mountview.

Company - Fiercely Spun
Written - Jodie Garnish
Created - Fiercely Spun

Previous plays

The Cupboard
The Cupboard

Rat 333 escapes the underground and resurfaces in the delightfully macabre world of The Cupboard, a place of mystery, music and murder. Using original live music, puppetry and absurd comedy; boots, brooms, and ropes were brought to life all within the confines of one cupboard in Victorian England. Beginning as a childlike fantasy and descending into a vicious nightmare, The Cupboard explores the question of liberty vs security with Righty the Boot leading her gang of thuggish things; going to any lengths to keep Rat 333 in the dark.
5* Broadway Baby (The Cupboard 2015) “Remarkably original”
Highly Recommended Review; The Fringe Review (The Cupboard 2015) “a company to keep your eye on.”

Company - Turn The Key (Fiercely Spun evolved from the former Turn The Key)
Writter and Director - Gemma Aked-Priestley
Assistant Director - Catherine McFall
Production Manager - Leah Omonya
Costume designer - Kyle Flynn
Set designer - Zoe Seiffert
Performers/Devisers - Ellie Whittaker, Gemma Aked-Priestley, Jules Chant-Tuft, Sydney Burges, Alex Edge, Jodie Garnish, Buffy Ianucci and Adrian Moore,
Artwork - Tess Castella

Under the Erl Tree
Under the Erl Tree

Our first show reimagined and intertwined the tale of ‘Cinderella’ and the German poem ‘The Erl King’. Using puppetry, original music and masks we brought a magical and dangerous world alive for families and children. Elena, captured by the evil Erl King, was rescued by her two ‘ugly’ sisters, Ruby and Amber.

‘Under the Erl Tree’ received 4*s from Three Weeks and had the ‘potential to become one of those fringe festival gems’, Broadway Baby.

Company - Turn The Key (Fiercely Spun evolved from the former Turn The Key)
Writters - Jodie Garnish and Ellie Whittaker
Director - Edel McCormick
Stage Manager - Gemma Aked-Priestley
Assistant Stage Manager - Emily Dyer
Production Manager - Laura Nucinkis
Puppet design - Jack McGuire
Performers/Devisers - Sian Duggan, Jodie Garnish, Imogen Mackenzie, Izzy Moore, and Ellie Whittaker
Image designer - Tess Castella
Special Thanks: Jack McGuire, Anna McCormick, Scott Brown, Sarah Villeneau, Roseanne McCormick, Rob Little, Tristan Smith